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It's important for you to know which fighters to pick in the top lane if you want to win League of Legends: Wild Rift. In this guide, we will cover the best fighter champions in Wild Rift and help you pick the best one for you, whether you're a novice or veteran player.

The Best Beginner-friendly Fighters in Wild Rift

If you're a complete beginner, you try learning one of them as your very first. They're both easy to play and extremely useful.

1). Garen (top laner)



Garen is the easiest fighter to play. He has a pretty straightforward kit with which you just need to go in and press your abilities to be useful. You won't be able to do shiny plays like other champions, but that doesn't mean that you won't be one of the most useful team members on the Rift.

2). Jax (top laner or jungle)



With plenty of auto-attacking champions running rampant, Jax is one of the best counters to that tactic. Your dodge from the E alongside your base damage from abilities will be more than enough to deal with those pesky carries in the game.

3). Xin Zhao (jungler)

Xin Zhao


Xin Zhao is in the fighter and tank roles of Wild Rift. Xin Zhao is a melee duelist champion that has high damage, direct dash ability, and powerful ultimate. His ultimate skill knocks back all the enemies close to him except one enemy whom he chooses to duel with. He is perfect for players who enjoy 1v1 fights or catching unsuspecting enemies in the jungle.

4). Dr. Mundo (top laner, and in some cases jungler)

Dr. Mundo


This deadly fighter harms himself to deal even more damage to his enemies. Dr. Mundo is possibly the last hero that you want to cross. While he's admittedly not the easiest champion to play, if you're looking for a champ with a straightforward build path and someone who's going to be incredibly durable, Mundo is the champion for you.

5). Master Yi (jungler)

Master Yi


Master Yi is in the assassin and fighter roles of Wild RIft. Master Yi is a melee diver that has high attack speed and damage, high mobility, and powerful ultimate. Master Yi is able to dish out tons of damage while carefully using his abilities to dodge hard-hitting attacks.

6). Tryndamere (top laner)



Tryndamere is in the fighter role of League of Legends Wild Rift. Simple, yet efficient—that's what describes Tryndamere. He's easy to play with a kit that doesn't have a lot of outplay potential and mostly relies on auto-attacks. Tryndamere is one of the best fighters in the game currently, especially if you still haven't fully adjusted to mobile controls.

7). Vi (jungler)



Vi is in the fighter role of Wild Rift. Vi has huge gauntlets, which she uses to punch through walls. She may have an anger issue.

The Mid-difficulty Fighters in Wild Rift

The next champions are slightly more difficult to play, but if your position well and land your skill shots, you can definitely make do with these mid-difficulty champions:

1). Nasus (top laner)



Nasus is in the fighter and tank roles of Wild Rift. A popular top lane champion, Nasus is powerful and can become somewhat unkillable later in the game. Out of all the tank champions in Wild Rift, Nasus is likely the one to deal the most devastating damage.

2). Jarvan IV (jungler)

Jarvan IV


Jarvan IV is in tank and fighter roles of League of Legends Wild Rift. Boasting a shield and multiple engaging abilities, Jarvan can navigate in and out of fights with reliable engaging potential for his team and the ability to zone and control enemies. While he's one of the more difficult champions to play on this list, Jarvan is one of the most effective tanks in Wild Rift.

3). Shyvana (jungler)



Shyvana is in the fighter and tank roles of Wild Rift. Shyvana has abilities that can deals both damage physical and magical and also transform into a dragon with her ultimate.

4). Graves (jungler)



Graves is in the marksman and fighter role of Wild Rift. Graves is a range champion that deals with high physical damage, disable ability, dash, and high damage ultimate. Graves loves getting into trouble. So-much-so that he's wanted pretty much everywhere he's visited.

The Most Difficult Fighters in Wild Rift

These are some of the most difficult champions to play in Wild Rift, and I wouldn't recommend them to a complete beginner.

1). Yasuo (mid lane or top lane)



Yasuo, the Unforgiven Fighter and Assassin Champion, is one of the most popular picks in Wild Rift. Yasuo mainly features in Wild Rift's Baron and Mid Lane. He deals massive physical and critical damage to enemies. This Champion has the unique ability to solo hold a lane due to his insanely effective skillsets.

2). Fiora (top lane)



Fiora is one of the best answers to Camille and has earned herself a top-five fighter spot in Wild Rift. Her kit is unchanged to League and while it might be difficult to activate all the vitals in less than a second compared to PC, she can still be powerful in the right hands. One or two early kills and you can take over the game.

3). Camille (top lane)



Camille is considered one of the best fighters in Wild Rift right now and with good reason. She provides an ample amount of crowd-control as well as a cage with her ultimate to ensure enemies can't escape. Her Hookshot ability is the hardest to use as it requires a double cast and aim.

4). Olaf (jungler)



Olaf is in the fighter role of Wild Rift. With this champion, landing your Undertow skill shot is crucial so good aim and ability to play under pressure are crucial. That said, he's great at assassinating the backline using his Ragnarok ultimate, which makes him immune to crowd-control for a short time. He also does true damage and that helps him out a lot in terms of raw damage while going with a bruiser build.

5). Lee Sin (jungler)

Lee Sin


Lee Sin is in the fighter and assassin roles of Wild Rift. Lee Sin is one of the hardest champions to use. However, mastery over this champion will make you a terror on the rift. Landing your Sonic Wave is necessary to deal the most damage possible. His ward hop ability has been changed to a dash, making him a bit easier to use for the phone, so you should still be able to kick enemies back to your teammates with smooth mechanics.

The Best Fighters in Wild Rift

Here are the absolute best fighters in League of Legends: Wild Rift:

– Jax
– Fiora
– Camille
– Lee Sin
– Yasuo
– Graves
– Tryndamere

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