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The importance of a Support's role in the League of Legends: Wild Rift is no less than any other. Therefore, most players want to know which of the best support champions in Wild Rift can help them win more games. This article lists a few of Wild Rift's best support champions that a player can choose.




Blitzcrank is considered the best support pick for any well-organized line-up in Wild Rift. This steam golem is mainly used as a tank in support of allies.

Blitzcrank is effective to support, and his unique ability, Rocket Grab, deals damage to enemy laners. He fires with his right hand and grabs an opponent in its path. He gains a mana barrier when his health drops below a certain percentage, and along with his Power Fist power, will take the spot as one of the best Champions in Wild Rift.

Given the smaller Rift, Blitzcrank's pull can quickly secure kills early in the lane and give his team a strong start. Once Blitzcrank reaches the late game, his build makes him difficult to kill with the surprisingly high damage output of his own.

Not only the most powerful, but also the most enjoyable to play support in the game, Blitzcrank is an easy pick for new players.




The starry-eyed songstress is certainly among Wild Rift's top support picks. Seraphine is a mage champion who uses her High Notes to deal area of effect (AoE) damage.

Surround Sound is one of her most effective abilities that provides a temporary shield to nearby allies and heals them.

Her unique spells, Beat Drop and Encore, slow enemies, down, allowing her to help out jungle every time they visit the bot lane for a gank.

Boasting a slew of spells with crowd control potential, Seraphine is perfect to set up takedowns or hold the enemy back while she and her team make a quick escape. The value in using Seraphine as support is not solely in her zoning abilities, but also the damage output she can create. With the right build, Seraphine can easily duel with many of the champions currently in Wild Rift.

If you are after mage-based support, Seraphine is your best pick.




Alistar is one of the oldest champions in the League, and with the introduction of Patch 1.1, Alistar became an even better support choice.

Alistar provides sustainability in the lane with his passive healing and is a playmaker by nature with his stun. His charging ability, Headbutt, makes it extremely easy to set up for his stun, and Charging Trample will also let you stun a target for the second time. The locking-down ability he brings to the table should be enough for your AD carry to dish out enough damage, and things will only get easier once you hit level six.

Alistar's ultimate turns the champion into a damage-soaking machine since it grants him a massive damage reduction status for seven seconds. Using his ability wisely should help you survive through some of the strongest abilities in Wild Rift.

Teamfights are the perfect situation for this champion, but he is equally as effective in the lane. If Blitzcrank is taken, Alistar is the perfect substitute to counter with.




Sona, the maven of the strings, is a mage support champion with a lot of unique abilities to aid her team. The sustain that Sona can provide to her lane ally will allow them to remain in the lane and heal off damage taken during any exchange while opponents may be forced to back.

Hymn of Valor is one of the most useful tools in her kit, as sound bolts are sent towards opponents, dealing magic damage to two nearby Champions and monsters.

Song of Celerity is another useful ability, providing bonus movement speed to nearby allies. Sona's Area of Perseverance heals a nearby wounded alley as well.

Crescendo is the ultimate ability of Sona that makes an opponent dance to her tune and deal a fair amount of damage.

She is one of the best supports to pick in Wild Rift.




Wild Rift's Braum is the great support that offers buffs to allies and some impressive durability. While he may not have the engage potential of Blitzcrank or Alistar, Braum's skillset is perfect for reducing the damage output against his ADC.

His powerful shield intercepts any opposing projectile, making him one of the tankiest Wild Rift champions.

Braum has this unique ability to move towards an allied champion. This, in turn, gives him and his ally bonus armor and magic resistance for a limited time.

Apart from his support role in Wild Rift, this Champion also has the ability to be a menace in lanes. This is thanks to Concussive Blow, his passive that applies with his basic attacks and abilities, which stuns opponents and deals bonus magic damage once four stacks are built up.

If you are after a less aggressive playstyle while using a tank champion, Braum is your guy.




Typically played as a mid-lane champion, Annie is one of the more effective support choices to pair with an aggressive ADC or in a kill lane.

As far as her skillset, her stun, and shield are likely the only support aspects. But once the stun connects, it's usually game over for the target. Annie is perfect when partnered with another high-damage ranged champion such as Jinx. Together, the champions can easily push their opponents out of the farm and take control of the lane.

The only skill shot Annie has to land is her ultimate ability, which summons her cute teddy bear Tibbers and turns him into a giant beast that stuns all enemies inflicted in a given area of effect. Combine this with her passive stun and you have got the potential to be a nightmare for the enemy team. Her damage output is really high as well, making her a perfect choice for those looking to leave destruction in her wake.

While not your typical support choice, Annie is still viable support.




Lux is one of the most popular choices for the Mage or Support players, as her abilities allow her to dominate the mid-lane with high amounts of Magic damage. Her Ultimate can completely drain the entire enemy team's health in one fell swoop, making her an invaluable asset on your team.

Apart from that, Lux also has great power abilities and CC skills that will irritate the enemies. In addition to the CC skills that can immediately stun two enemies at once. Ultimate Lux is also very OP because it has a fairly far distance. This skill is certainly instrumental in chasing enemies who are dying after the team fight takes place.




If you're looking to play a support champion that can keep your health bar full at all times, then Soraka is the right choice for you.

With her second ability, 'Astral Infusion' and her ultimate, 'Wish,' she can heal a particular ally or the entire ally team, respectively. Moreover, she got a decent silence with her third skill, 'Equinox,' which can silence all the enemies inside the circle. The only problem with Soraka is that she is quite squishy and is an easy target for assassins in late-game team fights.

This champion has support attributes such as heal, slow, to poke, which is also one way to get additional support on the lane. But the best of Soraka is her ultimate, which is able to provide healing to all members.

One of the best support champions, Soraka is a great choice both in League and in Wild Rift.

Here are all the best support champions in League of Legends: Wild Rift! Also, remember to check out, where we share everything that we know about the game. The most important thing is that you can also get lol mobile accounts cheap here. Join now!

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