How to Surrender in League of Legends and Wild Rift?

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Not every match of League of Legends and Wild Rift will be going to go well. When a game goes terribly wrong or things just aren't going your way, there aren't many options other than surrendering a vote. However, how to surrender in League of Legends and Wild Rift?

How to Surrender in League of Legends: Wild Rift?

Surrendering or starting the vote to surrender in League of Legends: Wild Rift is rather simple. Take a look at the following steps:

When you're in a game of Wild Rift, hit the settings button to the right of the mini-map. When you load up the menu, you'll see a big "SURRENDER" button down below.

Now, it's important to keep in mind that just like in the base game League of Legends, players will not be able to start a surrender vote in Wild Rift right away. But there is a slight difference here. As Wild Rift is much more fast-paced and ends quicker, it will only allow a surrender vote to generate after five minutes have passed, unlike the customary 15 in League of Legends.

More importantly, for the surrender to pass, the majority of the team votes need to be for the decision. So unless there are four yes votes, the surrender will not go through, and players will have to play out the remainder of the match.

How to Surrender in League of Legends?

If you think there's no way you can win the game anymore in League of Legends, read on to find out how to surrender.

1). Check the game timer. To initiate a surrender vote, the timer must reach 15 minutes.

2). Start a surrender vote. Use the surrender command or click on the surrender button in the menu.

3). Wait for your team to vote. All five team members must vote yes to surrender, but starting at 20 minutes only four of the five players have to vote yes. If a summoner does not vote, he is taken to be against the motion. If a vote to surrender fails on Summoner's Rift, a surrender vote cannot be initiated again for 3 minutes.

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