Lost Ark: what content is linked to the server?

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Get an in-depth look at all server and region-specific content for the MMORPG Lost Ark.

While the early launch (via Early Access) of Lost Ark has started recently, discover in our guide the content explicitly related to the server and the content related to the Region. If you plan to play with friends, the choice of server could be necessary depending on the content you want to make. Thus, if part of the game is instantiated, a significant amount of the activities are linked to your server, limiting your interactions with a player evolving on a realm different from yours.

Whether you are a group player or a lone wolf, find out how the content is separated on Lost Ark to choose your destination wisely.



Specific content related to the Lost Ark server

As is often the case with MMORPGs, content involving many players is cross-server. Understand that you can participate in different raids with your friends, even if they are on a different server than yours.


Server-related content:

  • The guild (all members must be on the same server)
  • Guild vs. Guild Content
  • Team PvP content (all team members must be on the same server)
  • Islands (dynamic and adventurous)
  • Mail and your friend's list
  • Exchanges between players and crafting


Region-specific content:

  • Raids
  • Dungeons
  • The name of the characters and the Market and Auction House
  • The battlefields
  • The cube


On the other hand, a majority of the single-player or open-world content in Lost Ark is limited to the borders of your server. Therefore, if you plan to play regularly with the same players, it is strongly recommended to choose the same server, even if your favorite content remains raids.

Conversely, choosing a sparsely populated server will not necessarily be a bad thing if you are more of a lone wolf. Even the Market and the Lost Ark Auction House will be linked to the Region, thus not limiting you on the economic aspect.

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