Madden 22: The complete guide to force turnovers

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In the Madden 22 game, it is not only the offense, defense, players, team, and Madden 22 Coins that want to win the game. More importantly, there is a need to maintain an average game mentality. Whether you lose the game or want to challenge and win the game, forced errors can change the situation of the entire game. Although forced turnover is risky in the game, you can take some specific measures to make your team play better, more aggressively and increase the chances of turnovers and interceptions. So, take a look at the detailed guide to forced errors in Madden 22.

Madden 22: The complete guide to force turnovers


Madden 22: How to make more mistakes?

The first thing you need to do is start using Hit Stick against players-and use it in the right way. Using this technique is risky because it is easier to miss tackles than with Square/X. However, user Hit Stick tackles are also more likely to cause errors, making them one of the best ways to force the mistakes.


To perform this tackle, place your defender in front of the opposing player and flick the right stick up or down. Make sure you are close to the offensive player, or your defender will miss the tackle. You can use the Strafe button (L2/LT) to arrange your defenders and be more accurate when performing this action. The image below shows the exact moment when you need to press L2/LT and start moving towards the defender.

Also, don't try to use Hit Stick against every opponent player. Tight ends, full backs, and heavier players will be more brutal to knock down, especially cornerbacks or smaller guards. If you use a more severe player against a minor player, Hit Stick works best: for example, use one of your offensive linebackers against a running back.



Madden 22: How to get more interceptions?

You can make a variety of coaching adjustments, which will have an immediate impact on forcing mistakes. The first adjustment refers to your anti-air ball: you can instruct your defender to play the ball instead of the catcher. This means that any player defensively passing the ball (usually cornerbacks and safety guards) will seek to intercept instead of following the catcher and tapping the ball.

This will be risky because the players will leave their mission to intercept. If they fail, the catcher will be eye-opening and watch some easy yardages. The second thing you can do is to set your Tackling to Aggressive. This will increase the chances of your AI players performing Hit Stick tackles and causing errors. After that, you can go to Strip Ball and switch to Aggressive. This will increase your defensive AI's chance of getting the ball out and cause a turnover.

Again, as highlighted in the "Adjustment" screen, both techniques are risky because they make your defender miss more tackles. So, there is an inherent risk here, but if you want to play actively, you need to endure it.


To intercept the ball, you also need to call the right tactics-namely pass coverage and blitz. Pass coverage will provide more defensive guards on the field and increase your chances of intercepting, while the battery will put QB under pressure and allow you to get more sacks. It would help if you also controlled your security and cornerbacks to get more interceptions. It would be better to have a defensive back try to catch the ball manually instead of blitzing and trying to fire the quarterback with an offensive linebacker.

Use practice mode to perfect this skill and learn how to read the script!



Now that you know how to force errors in Madden 22, please caution and use these settings and adjustments. You don't want to move mistakes and active defense all the time: experienced users will know how to take advantage of this, and you will end up giving up too many yards.

Keep these techniques in specific situations, such as challenges and big late games, when everything is in progress and you have nothing to lose.

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