Top 10 ADCs in Wild Rift (As Of Patch 2.2)

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In Wild Rift, the ADC is an important role in team compositions. These hyper carries are the core of the team, who scale throughout the game and must be protected from enemy assassins at all cost. So when it comes to the ADC's role, here is a list of the 10 champions, but the context of this list is for Patch 2.2.


Top 10 ADCs in Wild Rift (As Of Patch 2.2)

1. Kai'Sa: Daughter Of The Void

As per the abilities in her kit, Kai'Sa is the most complex ADC in Wild Rift. First of all, the abilities in her kit can be upgraded one by one to gain more powerful properties on purchasing items. Moreover, she can go invisible for a short time once you upgrade her third skill, 'Supercharge.' The skill also comes in handy when attempting to escape from certain deadly situations. Her kit's best ability is the ultimate ability, 'Killer Instinct,' which allows Kai'Sa to dash to an enemy champion that has been marked with her 'Plasma' effect.

2. Jinx: The Loose Cannon

Jinx is one of the more balanced ADCs in Wild Rift. In Wild Rift, she starts off the game with a decent amount of agency and keeps ramping up in power as the match goes on. She is the very definition of the word "hyper-carry" and takes over the game once she gets to snowballing in the later stages.

Jinx is powerful for several reasons. First, she has solid laning with the rocket launcher and her Zap! as poking tools. Her Flame Chompers can control terrain and discourage champions like Alistar from engaging with her. Her passive also allows her to ramp up in fights, attacking and moving faster after getting the takedown. Finally, the Mega-Death Rocket is a great tool to execute low health targets across the map and steal objectives.

3. Graves: The Outlaw

The only non-traditional ADC on the list, Malcolm Graves brings a new dynamic to the role. Graves is usually played in the Jungle, where he doesn't have any difficulty clearing the camps and getting ahead on the farm. He's also much tankier than nearly every other marksman and can make use of Bruiser items while dealing solid damage. Even new players can quickly learn how to efficiently kite camps using the twin-stick controls. This allows for early ganks and early control of the map. He can also easily duel other junglers throughout the whole game.

4. Varus: The Arrow Of Retribution

Many ADCs are locked into one playstyle, focusing on either spells or auto-attacks. Varus is capable of doing both with great success. In Wild Rift, aside from a quality of life change to his Q, he functions similarly to the regular League. He shares much of the same strengths, and can easily outrange most of the cast currently in the game. Without Caitlyn to fear, his range beats out just about everyone else. Plus, his utility with his ultimate makes him even more of a game-changing pick.

5. Vayne: The Night Hunter

Vayne is ADC which can be flexed in multiple lanes (can be played in both Dragon and Baron Lane). Because of the true damage from his second skill, 'Silver Bolts,' some players prefer playing Vayne in the jungle as well. Vayne is strong against tanks in Baron Lane, and that's why he is mostly played to counter tanks and fighters. Vayne can also go into invisibility during Tumble for a small-time with his ultimate, 'Final Hour,' which also grants him increased attack damage, reduced Tumble cooldown, and bonus movement speed from his passive, 'Night Hunter.'

6. Tristana: The Yordle Gunner

For Wild Rift, Tristana benefits greatly from having few skillshots and a reliable disengage tool. She has all the tools to keep herself safe: a huge-distance jump that can be used to engage or escape and an ultimate that catapults enemies a further distance away and deals heavy damage.  Her mid-game power is lackluster, but her strong early and late game make up for it. Tristana requires great knowledge and a handle on when to take a fight, but once you have that down, she becomes a powerful ADC.

7. Draven: The Glorious Executioner

Draven is quite an interesting ADC because he has a unique mechanism. Draven would benefit greatly if he could take advantage of the passivity and catch his ax that was being thrown continuously.

Draven is a wild coinflip of a pick. With the controls in Wild Rift, it may provide a new challenge for juggling axes. However, his early game power is great for contesting early objectives, and fast scaling makes it so he's less likely to flounder.

8. Xayah: The Rebel

Xayah is an Attack-Damage carry ADC champion in League of Legends: Wild Rift, which is mostly played in Dragon Lane. The offense-oriented half of the lover's duo, Xayah is a character that can be rather hard to pilot for newer players. Thanks to her passive ability 'Clean Cuts,' after every ability cast, Xayah's next basic attacks will hit all the targets along their path and leave a feather. Xayah's first ability, 'Double Daggers' is often combined with her third skill, 'Bladecaller' to deal massive damage and root the targets hit by the feathers on their way back to Xayah.

9. Ashe: The Frost Archer

Ashe is an ADC that brings a lot of utility to the table. She's a rather simple character and was used as the tutorial ADC for much of League's early days. Her power is loaded in her ability to slow and stun enemies, keeping melee champs at arm's reach. She comes with many crowd control abilities in her kit. Her Volley and Frost Shot balance the lack of mobility options. Her ultimate ability, called the Enchanted Crystal Arrow, is a game-changer. With the correct timing, she can use it to swing the battle in her favor.

10. Jhin: The Virtuoso

The ADC is often considered one of the most finely-designed champions in the League. Jhin, the Virtuoso, is a character oozing with style and theme with every attack. Playing Jhin is a different experience from other Marksman due to his passive. Jhin is all about setting up traps and effectively playing around with his four bullet cap. Unlike the rest of the ADCs, he cannot constantly fire his gun and be forced to reload his pistol after the 4th shot. However, the four shots in themselves are devastating.

With a trap, a ranged damage ability that passes through minions, and a grenade that damages multiple targets, Jhin has a diverse arsenal that can deal devastating damage at all ranges. While the early game can be a little difficult, once you can build adequate gear, Jhin becomes lethal, and team fights can be devastating if he's able to sit in the backline and fire damage at targets.

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