What are the PVP rewards in Lost Ark?

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Luterra Castle Proving Ground provides the most mechanically savvy Lost Ark players with the opportunity to compete against each other for limited rewards.



Climbing the ranks, players will earn more and more impressive trophies. Providing players with incentives to improve, the exclusive top 30 players on each server receive their unique tiers of gear, ranging from rank-specific cosmetics and auras to an impressive amount of in-game crystals for the game's elite.



How to claim awards in Lost Ark?


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When a player character first reaches the testing ground, the ability to queue for competitive matches is blocked by default.


Players must first level up their characters to level 20 before playing competitively. In addition, to experience the Proving Grounds competitive format, potential participants must first play a few "regular" unranked matches, raising their starting level from 20 to one before a competitive game becomes available.



How to Climb in Competitive Matchmaking in Lost Ark?


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Once players reach the first level in regular matchmaking, the vertical progression level system is replaced by a more Elo-based ranking system. The winner of a competitive match receives points, and the loser sacrifices some of their effectiveness.


Ranking up depends entirely on a given player's performance in Competitive Matches, where they will rank up as their total points exceed certain thresholds.


  • Silver: 1500 or more
  • Gold: 1700 or more
  • Platinum: 1900 or more
  • Diamond: 2100 or more


The two ranks above Diamond - Master and Grand Master - are not reserved for players with a specific set of points but for the top 100 and top 30 players on each server, respectively.

These top players represent the 100 highest scoring players on that server, with the 101 tech-rated players not advancing until they outperform the 100 rated player.



Rank Up Rewards

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Players who score below 1500 Bronze Rank will not receive any reward for their competitive play.

Players get some return on investment if they maintain the silver rank by getting nothing more than unique PvP pants cosmetics.


Lost Ark Gold and platinum rank further increase players' winnings, reward with a bib and cosmetics for a headdress. Players subsequently stuck in Diamond at least get a competitive title for their efforts, on top of their trendy new outfit.

The top 100 winners in Master and Grand Master receive the most exciting rewards of all: in addition to the title and cosmetic set of previous ranks, these players receive an aura for a specific position, as well as 3,000 and 10,000 blue crystals, respectively, for their effort.


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