What Champions to Unlock First in Wild Rift for the Top Lane?

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Top laners are important individuals in Wild Rift because they are some of the best-engaged units a team could have. But as a top laner, what champions do you need to unlock first?

This guide lists you need to unlock the champions first for the top lane that they are easy to play and will help you win more games.

- Jax



You might not expect a champion that wields a lamppost to be an effective choice in League of Legends but Jax is definitely up there as one of the game's best top laners.

Moreover, when being ganked by the enemy's Jungler, the narrow topography of the map in Wild Rift helps Jax escape super easily with only one Q. In the later Phase, Jax can maximize his strength with his ability to AoE Stun from Counter-Strike while becoming tanker with Grandmaster's Mind. With all mentioned above, Jax is one of the first choices to pick on Top Lane.

- Darius



A big opponent for Jax on Top Lane is the one we are familiar with on Darius. For a long time, this Champion has been a demon on Top Lane with many shining circumstances in Combats. In Wild Rift, Darius can keep his Passive – Hemorrhage and he becomes another monster in the mobile version.

Not only has the ability to burst huge damage, but Darius also has the ability to clear waves really fast which not many Champion can do. Darius is also suitable to Combat rapidly like in Wild Rift, however, he can still be kited by some Champions. So that, if you meet a difficult Champion, just attention to farming or roaming with your Jungler.

- Tryndamere



Simple, yet efficient—that's what describes Tryndamere. He's easy to play with a kit that doesn't have a lot of outplay potential and mostly relies on auto-attacks. Tryndamere is one of the best fighters in the game currently, especially if you still haven't fully adjusted to mobile controls.

- Dr. Mundo (optional, if you want a really heavy-duty tank)

Dr. Mundo


Scaling off health, Mundo is played most effectively as a pure tank. Mundo boasts a skill set that allows him to poke at enemies from afar as well as deal damage as they approach. While some of his abilities may cost health to use, his ultimate ability will grant extra movement speed and drastically regenerate his health. Once Mundo has a large enough health pool, the cost of abilities becomes something you won't even notice and the damage he's capable of dealing is well worth the cost. While he's admittedly not the easiest champion to play, if you're looking for a champ with a straightforward build path and someone who's going to be incredibly durable, Mundo is the champion for you.

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