Wild Rift Nemesis Duel: How to Activate, Champions, and Rewards

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The developers added a new mechanic called Nemesis Duel in League of Legends: Wild Rift, and here's everything you need to know about it.


Wild Rift Nemesis Duel: How to Activate, Champions, and Rewards

What is the Nemesis Duel Mechanic?

The Nemesis Duel is a unique mechanic involving two Champions who have a long-standing rivalry, with rewards and bragging rights on the line.

Wild Rift Nemesis Duel - Champions

Currently, only Rengar and Kha'Zix can enter a Nemesis duel. Riot said that it might feature with more champions in the future.

How to activate Nemesis Duel in Wild Rift?

Here are the factors to consider that may activate Nemesis Duel:

• Both champions are alive and fairly high level
• Neither has taken or dealt damage for a short time
• The two champions are at least a short distance apart

Once the requirements are achieved, an in-game notification will be displayed to inform the players that "the hunt is on!".

How does it end?

Victory goes to whichever champion deals damage to the other within three seconds of the defeated champion's death. You don't need to score the kill, but you must have directly contributed!

Rewards of the Nemesis Duel

The rewards will depend on the champion who wins the duel. The rewards are as follows:

• If Rengar wins the fight, his ultimate skill will have a new effect. He will immediately gain Ferocity during his ultimate skill, "Thrill of the Hunt."
• On the other hand, if Kha'Zix wins the fight, he unlocks a new evolution point. This means all of his skills will be fully evolved instead of just having 3 evolutions.

That's all you need to know about the Nemesis Duel mechanic in Wild Rift. For more updates regarding the upcoming content in LoL WR, please check out https://lolmobileaccounts.com/lol-mobile-accounts.

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