How to Play As Support in Wild Rift?

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Choosing the right support can make the difference between good team composition and a great one. So you want to learn how to play as support in League of Legends: Wild Rift, eh? Well, you're in the right place. Below I'll share with you some of how to play as support and the best support champions that are beginner-friendly and have the ability to help you win more games.


How to Play As Support in Wild Rift?

What is the support?

Support is a high utility champion that offering assistance where necessary to help everyone else do their job effectively throughout all stages of a game.

The role of supports

1). They have to place vision around key areas in the map to spot the enemy jungler's location and possible ganks.

2). Supports should roam, similar to the jungler, and help lanes in need (could even double up with the jungler and go mid lane to secure a kill and a few turret plates).

3). They have to place vision in the areas around the lane, so the ADC can farm freely.

4). They should provide utility, shields, heals, and so on.

5). They should not farm for themselves but help the bot lane farm (attack the minions to lower their HP, so the ADC can last hit them, properly set up lane freeze, etc).

What it means to actually support Wild Rift, and how to do it?

1). Supporting means enabling your teammates to become meaningful: letting them get the kills, the farm, and some solo turret plates when possible.

2). You want to set up kills for them if you play aggressive support. You can do that by slowly poking the enemies, CC'ing them, or driving them out of the lane.

Remember that you don't have to give your life to poke an enemy or drive them out of lane because that will only result in an advantage for them.

How to position as a support player?

Positioning is all about the type of support you play.

1). For tank and engage supports, you want to always be at the front, and threaten the enemies. If you are a constant threat to them, they will slowly lose minions, EXP, and probably even fall behind in farm.

2). For enchanter supports, such as Sona and Janna, you want to be on the move constantly. You never want to stay too far behind, but also never overextend, because these kinds of supports don't have strong defenses.

What to build as support?

1). One of the first items is the normal support item (tank or enchanter). That's the core of every support player.

2). Build items that give buffs to the rest of the team, such as Ardent Censer for Janna, which boosts the Attack Speed of allies that receive your shield.

3). Focus on a number of super useful support items that will greatly benefit your teammates.

4). Pay attention to the item's price. Since you won't make much Gold as support, you always want to buy the cheapest and most gold-efficient items. They will place you before your opponent who might be building full support items.

Best support champions in Wild Rift

1). These are the best beginner-friendly supports:

– Sona
– Janna
– Braum
– Alistar
– Malphite

2). The best supports overall in Wild Rift are:

– Alistar
– Blitzcrank
– Malphite
– Sona
– Janna

The above is all about how to play as support in Wild Rift, please read it carefully. Also, remember to check out, where we share everything that we know about the game.

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