Wild Rift: Everything You Need to Know About Wild Pass

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One of the biggest additions to League of Legends: Wild Rift in 2021 will be the Wild Pass. This seasonal battle pass rewards players with a ton of in-game loot such as Blue Motes, Poro coins, icons, baubles, and the grand prize, an exclusive Hexplorer Jax skin. Here is everything you need to know about Wild Pass in League of Legends: Wild Rift.


Wild Rift: Everything You Need to Know About Wild Pass

What is Wild Pass?

Wild Pass is the dedicated Battle Pass system for League of Legends Wild Rift, by progressing through which you can earn skins, loots, and in-game currency. The first Wild Pass was available in April and featured numerous levels. If you manage to complete level 50, you will receive an exclusive Jax skin called Hexplorer Jax. Progressing through Wild Pass is free, but you will need to upgrade the pass by Wild Cores to get the earned loots.

What's included in a Wild Pass?

A whole lot! The content is as follows:

1). Wild Pass Missions

Players will receive eight missions every week until the current Wild Pass expires. These missions can be as simple as placing wards or getting multi-kills in a match. If players can finish all eight missions before the weekly refresh, they will receive a special mission to keep them engaged until the next batch of missions arrives. Completing these missions will reward players with experience points for the Wild Pass.

The unfinished weekly missions will remain until the Wild Pass expires, so players don't necessarily need to rush to complete all of them within a week.

2). Free Rewards

Every player gets free rewards at Wild Pass level 4 and 5 levels after (9, 14, 19, etc.) up to level 49. You'll generally unlock at least a few of these prizes just by playing a few games each week.

3). Premium Rewards

The premium version costs 590 Wild Cores. This will unlock all the rewards for each level, including the exclusive Hexplorer Jax skin. The level cap for the Wild Pass will also be extended, adding 15 levels with even more rewards.

How does the Wild Pass work in Wild Rift?

The way the Wild pass works is straightforward. The Wild Pass will start and get renewed every new ranked season and is accessible via the home screen. The players earn exclusive rewards such as skins, emotes, baubles, poses, and more by leveling up while playing matches.

All F2P gamers can get Blue motes and Poro coins from the Pass, but you would have to upgrade the Pass by spending 590 Wild scores for all the other mentioned rewards. If you find the leveling up process to be too slow or maybe can not play the games as much to get all rewards, there is the option to get the Wild Pass Elite for additionally 400 Wild Cores on top of the regular one. The Elite pass will automatically grant you 5 levels for free and give you more missions to level up faster.


Hexplorer Jax

The highlight of the Wild Pass is reaching level 50. By reaching it, you get exclusive skin; this time, it's the Hexplorer Jax!

How to get the Wild Pass in Wild Rift?

Step 1

• Open League of Legends: Wild Rift on your device.
• Click on Wild Pass towards the left of the screen.

Step 2

• In the new window that appears, you can view all levels of the Wild Pass and its rewards. You can also view the missions that must be complete to advance through the Wild Pass.
• To unlock the premium rewards, click on the unlock option.

Step 3

• You will have the option between two Wild Passes, the standard version for 590 Wild Cores, or the Elite Wild Pass for 990 Wild Cores.
• The Elite Wild Pass gives players some bonus missions to advance through the battle pass quicker. It also instantly unlocks five levels.

Is the Wild Pass worth it?

Is the Wild Pass worth it


So if you think about spending some money on the game for skins, the Wild Pass is a great deal to get 2 Epic Skins for the price of 590 Wild Cores. Poro Coins and Motes. So if you have the cash for it, the Wild Pass is indeed a suitable deal for all the players out there. For all the players who do not want to spend money, the Wild Pass will be an additional option to earn more.

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