Where to Buy Wild Rift Account Safely

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Want to buy a League of Legends: Wild Rift Account, but you’re worried that you will get scammed! Then you’re in the right place. Because in this guide we will show you how to buy a Wild Rift account Safely.


Where to Buy Wild Rift Account Safely


1. Find a Reputable Store

The first step is to find a reputable LoL mobile Account store by searching google and looking at the reviews of that specific Wild Rift account  store. Make sure those reviews are being collected by trustworthy review collection companies i.e trustpilot.com and not by the store itself (such reviews can be faked).


2. Check if they sell the type of Wild Rift accounts that you need

Many Wild Rift account sellers sell cracked accounts (verified accounts) which are not suitable for everyone. Sometimes you just want your OWN League of legends account so that you can change it’s password, EMail and more! If that’s the case then a verified account is not for you! Instead you should be looking for LoL Smurf Shops who sell Unverified and Unranked accounts. i.e lolmobileaccounts.com


3. Make sure your preferred Payment Gateway is supported

A lot of people overlook this important step. If you’re gonna buy a Wild Rift account, then you need to make sure you’re gonna be able to pay for it! Some shops only offer Credit Card Payments, others offer Paypal. So make sure your preferred Payment provider is available.


4. Look for the best prices.

Don’t just click on the first search result on Google and just be done with it. Do you Research! if you check a couple of websites and compare the prices, I guarantee you, you will be able to save at least 50% of the money. ALWAYS compare Wild Rift account stores!


Overall, buying Wild Rift accounts is relatively safe to do. Just make sure to follow our Step-By-Step Guide and you’ll be on your way to queue up for Wild Rift! If you haven’t found a suitable website that has all the requirements you need, make sure to check out our website lolmobileaccounts.com. We offer the best Customer Service out there with our Live Chat as well as a handful of Payment Gateways. We’re also one of the most reputable websites out there!

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