What Champions to Unlock First in Wild Rift for the Jungle?

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Wondering which champion to unlock first in  League of Legends: Wild Rift for the jungle? This guide will highlight the most beginner-friendly picks, that have a lot of carrying potential and can solo-kill Drakes and hold on their own.

- Jax* (Jax can be a great top laner or jungle)



Jax is a melee duelist. His mechanics are also not that hard to master, making him an excellent choice for beginners looking to learn a new jungle champion.

Jax is strongest in the mid/late game once he's picked up a couple of completed items. In the early game, focus on farming your jungle.  In the mid-game after you've gained an item or two, seek out the enemy team's highest damage dealers and any lone champions. Jax destroys enemy champions 1:1 due to his massively overpowered E Counter-Strike ability.  In the late game, feel free to roam, looking for any open objectives.

- Amumu



Amumu is the most vigorous tank champion when it comes down to the jungle position. Because of his kit's abilities, Amumu is considered a powerful ganking jungler after he unlocks his ultimate.

Apart from his tanking traits, Amumu can also deal heavy magic damage to his enemies. Amumu's 'Curse of the Sad Mummy' is claimed to be one of the most powerful ultimate abilities in all of Wild Rift.

- Evelynn



If you're playing Wild Rift, positioning is crucial for every player. In case you're wondering, at level 5, Evelynn's passive 'Demon Shade' grants her permanent invisibility.

Evelynn is a master of ganking. Her self-healing allows her to rotate around with a higher health pool after clearing the jungle. Even if the enemy team wards around their lane, Evelynn can always find an angle with her camouflage. Moreover, this passive also grants Evelynn some bonus health regeneration when she's less than 320 health.

- Olaf



Olaf has significantly benefited from the recent item rework, making him one of the best jugglers in the current League of Legends meta. "The Berserker" does not need many resources to be useful. Once he gets a Mythic item, Olaf becomes a beast.

As soon as people realized how strong Olaf was, his pick rate got a steep rise. Currently, he has a win rate of over 53%, according to the champion. gg, which is much higher than other junglers. Olaf is easy to play and can be picked up by beginners as well. His kit is straightforward and doesn't require heavy skills to handle.

It's quite easy to play these champions in Wild Rift because you can set the target to lock on champions, which will help you target their abilities a lot easier. Also, check out more Wild Rift guides, please continue to follow us, of course, we also sell lol mobile accounts cheap, safe, and fast transactions!

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