What Champions to Buy First in Wild Rift?

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Choosing the right champion is a crucial part when you begin League of Legends: Wild Rift. Each champion has a different set of abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. However, most players are not sure who to buy in Wild Rift. So thus, we offer League of Legends: Wild Rift hub for in-depth champion guides, and you'll know exactly who you should be spending your hard-earned Blue Motes on, or who to unlock from your Champion Selection Chests.


What Champions to Buy First in Wild Rift?

Top Lane

• Jax*
• Darius
• Tryndamere
• Dr. Mundo (optional, if you want a really heavy-duty tank)


• Jax* (Jax can be a great top laner or jungler)
• Amumu
• Evelynn
• Olaf

Mid Lane

• Ziggs* (he is crazy strong and fairly easy to play, plus he could even shift into the support role)
• Orianna
• Twisted Fate
• Seraphine* (she can play as a support or a mid laner, so it's a great pick)

Bottom Lane

• Miss Fortune*
• Varus

Additionally, you could play Miss Fortune as support even:

• Sona* (she could also go mid in some situations, but you need to play very careful if you do)
• Soraka
• Seraphine* (she could also go mid in some situations, but you need to play very careful if you do)

The following two are enchanter supports, so they will not be ideal for initializing fights. If you want to support that can engage, then one of the following should do:

• Alistar
• Braum

If you want to learn more information about Wild Rift, you can check out our other guides like minimum smartphone requirements, where to buy Wild Rift accounts safely, and more.

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