Who are the Best Junglers in Wild Rift?

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One of the most crucial and intricate roles in League of Legends: Wild Rift, is that of the Jungler. They are main job is to farm, initiate gank, and take objectives such as Dragon, Rift Herald, Baron Nashor, and Turret when it's possible. However, who are the best junglers in Wild Rift? These are five of the best choices that you have to use in the game right now.


Who are the Best Junglers in Wild Rift?

Master Yi

Master Yi has been a strong pick in League of Legends for many years and is currently one of the best picks in Wild Rift.

With his immense speed and healing abilities, Master Yi can often do multiple jungles clears and ganks without needing to return to base. Once he gets his ultimate ability Yi is a dueling machine.

He is a good split pusher, as he can take down towers fast. Double Strike and Alpha Strike are two of Master Yi's most used attacks in Wild Rift.

Highlander is his ultimate striking ability, and it allows the bladesman to move with tremendous agility. It also increases his attack speed for a short period of time.

With such an overwhelming kit, Master Yi is one of the champions you should try to play in Wild Rift.


Amumu is the most vigorous tank champion when it comes down to the jungle position.

Because of his kit's abilities, Amumu is considered a powerful ganking jungler after he unlocks his ultimate. Amumu's 'Curse of the Sad Mummy' is claimed to be one of the most powerful ultimate abilities in all of Wild Rift. His ultimate can also be combined with the abilities of other ally champions to excel in team fights. Players can either go for a tanky build or Ability Power damage build with Amumu, depending on the situation.

This ability-based champion may not have the fastest damage output, but his ability to close distances and deal damage over time makes him dangerous, especially later in the game. Amumu is perfect for locking down team fights with his ultimate ability to stun all surrounding enemies.

If you're after a straightforward champion that can be built durably, Amumu is worth considering.

Lee Sin

Lee Sin is a melee fighter champion, and he is undoubtedly one of the best Jungler picks in Wild Rift.

What makes this champion stand out is the balance between his mobility, crowd control & damaging skills. Tempest is Lee's most effective ability, as it deals heavy magic damage to multiple enemy units at once. After a hit, he "Cripples" nearby enemies damaged by Tempest, thereby reducing their movement speed for a short period of time.

He is considered to be an early-game powerhouse, capable of ganking. The champion's ultimate ability partnered with his other skills allows him to quickly isolate a target and separate them from their team, giving Lee Sin and his team an advantage in team fights. If you can master the timing and landing of his skill shots, you will be a big threat among your enemies.

As one of Wild Rift's top junglers, he is one of the most picked in the game.

Xin Zhao

Xin Zhao
is a favorite champion of many, and a great jungler fighter to pick.

This champion is capable of closing in on enemies quickly and slowing them with his abilities. The crowd-control options that he provides make he ganks effective. Although he won't always be able to burst enemies down in the earlier stages of the game, when paired with an ally, he can secure takedowns with ease.

Not only he's a strong duelist but, he can also tank a decent amount of damage for his team in team fights. If you play Xin Zhao around objectives like the elemental dragon or baron short, you can outshine the enemy jungler.

Xin Zhao is one of the easier-to-play junglers, and for newer players, he is a great choice to try out.


For Jungle Role, we will see a less popular name in Summoner's Rift – Evelynn, she is one of the hot-picks in Wild Rift for Jungle position.

Using Evelynn gives you an excellent entry and escape from the lane since she is not always visible to enemies. With the ability to go invisible, Evelynn can also slow her targets with attacks and quickly burst them down with a combination of her other abilities.

In unranked queues, Evelynn is the perfect champion to outplay and out-scale enemies. While she does begin with lower damage output, once Evelynn has acquired enough of a build she will begin to deal devastating damage and can potentially burst-kill many champions.

Out of the Wild Rift Champions released, these are the 5 best Wild Rift jungler champions that you have to use. Next, we will continue to publish other guides for League of Legends: Wild Rift through lolmobileaccounts.com, so stay tuned.

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