What Champions to Buy First in Wild Rift for Mid-lane?

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In the mid lane, some of the best and easy to play champions are unlocked from the free boxes. However, if you put some time and effort into learning a new mid laner, what should you buy first? Here's our list of the best mid-lane champions you should buy first in League of Legends: Wild Rift.

- Ziggs* (he is crazy strong and fairly easy to play, plus he could even shift into the support role)



Bursting down champions is a common characteristic for mid laners.

In team fights, Ziggs can be a nuisance for the opposing team as he can poke on enemies with tremendous damage and vast AoE.

In addition to bombing down opponents, Ziggs also scales at pushing. A passive ability that empowers Ziggs' basic attacks accompanies his set of explosive spells that lets him push out any lane. If you notice your enemy going back to base, you can easily take down a tower to half HP and even contribute to team fights with your massively-ranged ultimate.

- Orianna



Orianna seems to be a strong Champion on Mid Lane with effective abilities in Combat.

Orianna is as versatile and powerful in Wild Rift. Her ability to scale tremendously well into the late game is what makes her so sought after by players.

Orianna's ultimate ability Shockwave can single-handedly turn the tides of battle. It's the most impactful ability in the game, but making the most out of it and not missing it completely, takes a lot of practice.

Orianna is one of the hardest champions in Wild Rift. However, once mastered, she can be a powerhouse that can easily mow down the enemy team.

- Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate


Twisted Fate has a number of tricks up his sleeve with just one ability: Pick a Card. The spell's three effects let him keep tabs on his mana, clear minion waves, or stun enemies before following up with other spells.

His Yellow Card was an AoE ability that stunned multiple enemies surrounding the target. This meant that Twisted Fate could win team fights just by himself and catch out multiple champions out of position and just clean them up any time that he wanted. Fighting against Twisted Fate on the enemy mid-lane meant that you needed to stay within Turret range AT ALL TIMES unless you want him to press E and kill you. His ultimate, Destiny, teleports him across the map, making it easy for him to roam other lanes.

- Seraphine* (she can play as a support or a mid laner, so it's a great pick)



Seraphine is one of the easiest champions to play and provides a lot of utility to your allies.

Wild Rift's most recently created champion Seraphine is one of the strongest support picks currently in the game. Boasting a slew of spells with crowd control potential, Seraphine is perfect to set up takedowns or hold the enemy back while she and her team make a quick escape. Much like Blitzcrank, the value in using Seraphine as support is not solely in her zoning abilities, but also the damage output she can create. With the right build, Seraphine can easily duel with many of the champions currently in Wild Rift. If you are after mage-based support, Seraphine is your best pick.


If you're dedicated to learning a champion that can pretty much one-shot anybody, then you could unlock Akali or Zed, but keep in mind they're not that beginner-friendly and you will need to play at least 10 games before you dive into a PvP game with them.

1). Akali



Akali is one of the most picked MID Lane champions in League of Legends. Wild Rift's Akali might be very hard to master, but she is also very fun to play.

"The Rogue Assassin" allows some of the highest skill expressions out of all the champions in the game at the moment. With insane mobility, damage, and scaling, Akali has it all in her kit, and though she might feel quite underwhelming early on in the game, post level 6, she can dominate any lane opponent.

What makes and breaks a good Akali player is how they play around her Twilight Shroud. The smoke cloud that lasts for 5.5 seconds might look easy to use at first, but against a seasoned enemy, just clicking the ability and standing on a spot is not going to be much of a strategy.

To master Akali, one needs to master every single facet of her abilities.

2). Zed



ZED is one of the most played MID Lane champions in LOL: Wild Rift.

In both Wild Rift and League of legends, Zed is a lane bully through and through. Zed goes down the AD Lethality path in terms of itemization and gets very difficult to deal with once he reaches level 3.

Zed might not be as hard to master as Akali, but he still needs a good amount of time and investment to get comfortable with. As his abilities have a pretty high cooldown, he can be effectively countered in the game but predicting what he is going to do and where his shadows will head next needs a lot of experience and game sense.

As Wild Rift is still fresh out of the Riot oven, it will take the player base a great deal of time to get used to Zed and his kit. Till then Zed mains are recommended to abuse the champion as much as possible.

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