Some Tips for The Beginners in Wild Rift

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Want to Improve? Always losing your Rank Games? Here's some tips for the Beginners! Remember that those free champions that you have until level 10 is not basic champs, well most of it. They still require skills at some point. Don't hesistate to try other champs but not in rank games.


1. Learn to adjust your items according to the enemies standing.


2. Learn to roam. Don't stay in one lane, at some point if you pushed hard enough the minion wave is still respawning and you're at the lane doing nothing. It's best to roam at that time, try taking scuttler (monster at the river) even you're not the jungler (for your own safety).


3. If you're the jungler, always roam if you see at the minimap if the enemies are advance on their lane.


4. One Trick Blitzcrank can get you to Platinum, If you have the gist of the controls and aiming.


5. You don't have to aim your flash. Your flash always go to where your joystick control point at. Or any blink skills like ezreal 3rd skill or zed's 2nd.


6. Using one trick champs is not a bad thing but learn to adjust if you're 4th or 5th pick.


Rebengga's youtube channel have aa video about Tips on Jungling in Wild Rift!



And most Importantly, We need to learn to accept opinions or critic of others. Accept your mistakes and improve onto the next clash/game! (If you really want to get high elo rank).


Enjoy the game guys!

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