What Champions to Buy First in Wild Rift for Bottom / Dragon Lane?

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The Bot Laner is the team's primary damage source and is arguably the most significant member of the team. They are oftentimes ADCs or Marksmen. However, now and then Mages or wild Yasuos could go bot lane too, depending on what the team needs. However, what champions to buy first in Wild Rift for Bottom / Dragon Lane? Here, we will give reasonable suggestions on what champions to buy first in League of Legends: Wild Rift.

1. In the Dragon lane, you usually play as a duo: a marksman and support. Depending on the role, I'd recommend buying the following champions first, they are ideal for the marksman role. They're quite easy to play, and super fun as well.

- Miss Fortune*

Miss Fortune


Miss Fortune is one of the most powerful entry-level ADCs in Wild Rift, and with her "shock" and "awe," she is capable of mowing down the enemy team in the blink of an eye.

She has an absurdly high amount of damage from level one onwards. Her Double Up can be one of the most oppressive abilities to deal with in lane when used right.

Bullet Time is the most powerful ability in her arsenal. When timed to perfection, she can single-handedly turn the tides of battle around, even if she is on a large item and gold deficit.

- Varus



Varus in Wild Rift is the marksman and mage.

Varus is another ADC that can dish out large amounts of damage from a good distance. He can charge up his Q Piercing Arrow to hit all units in a line in front of him. It's great for poking in the lane or before a team fight.

You can also use it to take down fleeing enemies before they get to safety. While his Q provides a nice poke, it's not his best source of damage. Varus deals most of his damage by detonating stacks of blight on enemies that are built up when he auto attacks them.

2. You could play Miss Fortune as support even, then one of the following should do:

- Sona* (she could also go mid in some situations, but you need to play very careful if you do)



Sona, the maven of the strings, is a mage support champion with a lot of unique abilities to aid her team. Hymn of Valor is one of the most useful tools in her kit, as sound bolts are sent towards opponents, dealing magic damage to two nearby Champions and monsters.

Song of Celerity is another useful ability, providing bonus movement speed to nearby allies. Sona's Area of Perseverance heals a nearby wounded alley as well.

Crescendo is the ultimate ability of Sona that makes an opponent dance to her tune and deal a fair amount of damage. She is one of the best supports to pick in Wild Rift.

- Soraka



Unlike other champions, Soraka fits the best support champion description because of her healing prowess.

When playing Soraka, "League of Legends: Wild Rift," players provide her with the right build to fully utilize her in dueling situations. She boasts a global heal that players can cast from anywhere around the map.

Additionally, her kit enables her to root enemies planning takedowns.

- Seraphine* (she could also go mid in some situations, but you need to play very careful if you do)



Another best support champion in "League of Legends: Wild Rift" is the starry-eyed songstress Seraphine.

As a mage, she uses her High Notes to deal with AoE or area of effect damage.

The champions features Surround Sound ability that offers a momentary shield to nearby allies and heals them.

Among her unique spells, Encore and Beat Drop allow Seraphine to slow enemies down, enabling her to help the jungle each time they drop by the bot lane for a gank.

3. The following two are enchanter supports, so they will not be ideal for initializing fights. If you want to support that can engage, then one of the following should do:

- Alistar



Alistar is the most versatile support champion in the game right now.

The amount of damage Alistar can absorb in skirmishes/team fights and the crowd control in his kit is why he is an 'S' tier champion. Alistar can easily isolate an enemy champion of his choice with his third skill, 'Trample,' a single target stun. If you play Alistar with perfection and land all your combos, then it's over for the enemy team.

Alistar (alongside Braum) is the go-to support champion in Dragon Lane.

- Braum



Braum is one of the best support champions, a key figure in lowering the net damage output against his ADC. His powerful shield intercepts any opposing projectile, making him one of the tankiest Wild Rift champions.

Braum has this unique ability to move towards an allied champion. This, in turn, gives him and his ally bonus armor and magic resistance for a limited time.

Apart from his support role in Wild Rift, this Champion also has the ability to be a menace in lanes. This is thanks to Concussive Blow, his passive that applies with his basic attacks and abilities, which stuns opponents and deals bonus magic damage once four stacks are built up.

Braum is invaluable both during the planning phase and in team fights.

Those are my suggestions for what champions to buy first in League of Legends: Wild Rift, I hope it will be useful to you! Also, we sell league of legends accounts, which are safe, cheap, and fast, to help you improve your game experience!

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